Welcome to the fascinating World of Archaeology

Welcome to the world of basic research in archaeology

Archaeology leads to cultural understanding

and provides insights into different worlds

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Welcome to your past – welcome to the fascinating realm of archaeology!

Archaeology provides the basis for understanding human culture.

Switzerland is academically and technically among the most qualified countries in the world. This is also due to the fact that when excavations were done, i. e. during the national road building era, experiences were made and the country then developed unique methods in the fields of underwater archaeology, dendrochronology etc.

The Swiss-Liechtenstein Foundation for Archaeological Research Abroad (SLSA) assists the cultural development aid within the framework of the archaeological development cooperation and thus provides a significant contribution to the systematic fundamental research in the field of the international ancient sciences.

Because of its archaeological projects in Third World countries, it strives to depict the special skills of Swiss archaeologists in an internationally efficient and recognized manner – which is a great benefit for the esteem of Switzerland as a cultural nation.

This goal commits to ethically correct archaeological cooperation in Third and Fourth World countries where a transfer of knowledge is extremely urgent. It is utmost important that Switzerland carries out archaeological research abroad because this is the only way it can actively thwart ruthless grave robberies, pitiless tourism and active trade with illegal or semi-legal excavated archaeological finds.

Archaeology provides the basis for understanding human culture

Because of the fact that in federalist-structured Switzerland up until now no institution has perceived this task, the SLSA was founded. In cooperation with the Principality Liechtenstein, the SLSA apprehends the over-all interests of Switzerland in the field of archaeological aid abroad, similar to the way recognized aid organizations do in economic and social sectors. The federation and the government of the Principality Liechtenstein have officially acknowledged the SLSA and support it with annual contributions.

These subsidies are not sufficient enough to finance the manifold and partly long-term commitments to projects abroad. This is why the SLSA depends on the annual contributions of its members and especially on the donations from its sponsors and patrons.

The SLSA now invites you on a virtual journey to our excavation sites in countries like Syria, Jordan, Peru, Mali, Croatia etc. It would be excellent if this first contact with our Foundation might arouse your interest and thus help to extend the circle of the friends and patrons of the SLSA. Have a great time!