The Swiss-Liechtenstein Foundation for Archaeological Research Abroad (SLSA) is constituted by the Foundation assembly, the Foundation council and the Board of control.

The Foundation assembly consists of the Foundation members and approves the annual report of the Foundation council and the Board of control. It takes place in June and is combined with the Foundation council meeting. Dr. H. H. Coninx, President of the Foundation council, extends an invitation for this event at the Zunfthaus zur Waag in Zurich.

As a member of the SLSA, you have the opportunity to participate in regularly guided tours at museums as well as lectures and symposium events concerning projects of the SLSA. The participation in one of the exclusive member trips is also certainly very tempting. One trip in September 2002 led to Petra, Jordan – to the excavation sites of Ez Zantur, a second to Syria, Qasr al-Hayr al-Sharqi. In 2007 the SLSA offered two member trips: One to Nubia and one to Mongolia.

The Foundation council consists of at least 9 members, 4 of whom are obliged to be active in sciences. At the moment, the Foundation council comprises 27 members. It represents the Foundation externally and decides upon the usage of the Foundation’s assets. On behalf of the Foundation council, a Secretary General fulfills these tasks. The Foundation council convenes twice a year, once in May and once at the end of the year.

During the year, a committee of the Foundation council – consisting of the President of the Foundation, the Vice-President, the President of both commissions and the Secretary General – make urgent and important decisions. The scientific and finance commissions advise the committee in terms of choice and realization of the projects and their financing.

The Board of control examines the annual accounts of the Foundation and provides a written report. Since 2017 the Finanzkontrolle der Stadt Zürich carries out this function.

Archaeology provides the basis for understanding human culture